18 May 2009

Radical For JESUS!

"The host really whipped up his audience, saying that the battle was on and they were ready, etc. People called in, all freaked out and said they were, “radical for Jesus” and ready for the fight." Henry Rollins

I'm a radical for Jesus. Truly I am. I have had some unexplained supernatural events occur in my childhood, some I may or may not have written about. I have blogged extensively on my spiritual beliefs.

Much of my research has focused on the Divine Feminine, and the need for humans to recognize and pay homage to the Divine Feminine within themselves in order to heal this planet. So it may surprise you to read that I am radical for Jesus.

Not only am I radical for Jesus, I'm also radical for the truth. I am radical to know the true Jesus and his teachings, not the grossly manipulated text and misrepresented Jesus that many christians follow today.

As I allowed myself to ponder deeper the ancient questions of philosophers, "How did we get here? What is the truth about God, the Creator, the Divine?" My own Catholic upbringing couldn't be forgotten nor abandoned.

I researched spirituality from 10,000 years ago looking for the root of the feminine faith. I found that it stemmed from agriculture. When groups of people stopped meandering and began the practice of agriculture, folks honored the Earth. They were at the mercy of their environment, seasons and weather. As Maslow defines in his hierarchy of needs, everyday was spent at the lowest rung. Their worship reflected this "root" Chakra way of life. They acted upon the Earth as they saw and experienced. It was an egalitarian society, but very feminine probably because woman gave birth, and therefore gave life. In turn, these people showed gratitude to the Earth, bestowed faith and worshiped in the realm of the feminine. It was balanced. It was the garden of Eden.

What does this have to do with Jesus? No matter how hard I try, I can't shake nor deny a lifetime of Catholicism. It's always creeping in. Some may say it's Catholic guilt. Others may say it's intuition. I don't believe everything that I was taught. I KNOW there is more to the story, hence why have expanded my search to include the roots of civilization.

There is no denying that Jesus is the most discussed, fought about, revered and controversial humans that ever walked this planet. (Don't fight with me. Even if you believe in the Virgin birth, Mary was human, making Jesus half human.) I won't deny Him. I have a deep deep love for the man.

In wanting to know more about Him and his true teachings, my search led me to the Essene Nazerenes and the Gnostic Gospels. Of course, I am familiar with the finding and translating of the Nag Hammadi, but I had not taken the time to review it, that is up to now. I believe that the time is right.

My mind and heart combined create a complicated vessel. My love mixed with my insatiable curiosity led to the next thought, "After Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension, what became of the Marys?" Not only am I a radical for Jesus, but I am also an extremist for the two most important women in Jesus' life; his mother Mary and his wife, Mary Magdalene.

There is a mix of belief out there, but the simplest answer tying all the loose ends together came in the form of Sylvia Brown's highly controversial book, The Two Marys: The Hidden History of the Mother and Wife of Jesus.

Now, many of you may think that my belief in a psychic discredits me because there is no concrete proof to her view and belief. Before you begin to disbelieve, I offer that you examine your own beliefs and well as at history itself.

God is a supernatural phenomenon. Why does God exist? Because we are told that God exists and because we carry faith. There is NO scientific evidence for God. Those who believe in God, already believe in the supernatural, whether they want to accept it or not.

Prophesying isn't a new gig. The Bible is littered with prophets. Many people think the book of revelation is the big doomsday prophesy. Hell, the entire Mormon church is built on the words of a prophet. So why would it be so out of the ordinary to contemplate the words of a psychic? These intuitives are merely modern day prophets.

According to Brown, Jesus traveled for 15 years before he returned to begin his teachings. Jesus' travels took him though the middle east as far as India. He would have traveled through the part of the world where agricultural society began, Mesopotamia. He studied with many teachers. I believe that Jesus himself searched for the truth and the roots of the higher teachings of the religion of that time. His teachings are a combination of the Judaic faith and the accumulation of the wisdom He encountered on his travels. I believe it even shows in his language that when he speaks of the "Son of Man" that it is a direct Sanskrit influence of the words "manas" and "atman"

I believe that Jesus is telling us that we all are sons (and daughters) of manas and atman. Humans are an accumulation of the coordinating organ of creative intelligence/the mind and divine consciousness/originating source/ the soul.

My take is that he mind is a masculine feature and the soul is a feminine feature. When we live completely in our minds, we are denying our hearts. And the reversal is true. When we are living completely in our hearts, we are denying our minds. The truth is balanced in the middle. Balancing the masculine and the feminine is hard to do. Maybe this is how gender roles came into existence because it is easy to develop the stronger of the two traits. But we are meant to be balanced allowing the equality to blossom from within. If humans are meant to be balanced and we are created in the image of our Creator who is perfect, then our Divine source must be the perfect balance the masculine and feminine.

The radicals for Jesus that Henry Rollins make reference to at the beginning of this article may be ready for the fight, but as Sylvia Brown declares...the truth has a way of coming out.

You can read more at The Last Stand of Patriarchy and The Thinks That I Think? and there is plenty more if you are interested. You'll just have to dig deeper in my blog for the truth.

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