26 May 2009

Moon in Cancer

The moon is in Cancer today and tomorrow. Cancer is the most productive and fruitful sign. It's moist and feminine. If you want long thick locks, today and tomorrow are good times to cut, especially with the moon waxing.

It is also a great time to plant in the garden.

So get busy.

Summer Begins

Memorial Day weekend is behind me.
Summer vacation is now.
Wondering if I'll have
the energy
to continue my follies
as I try to entertain
an only child.

Suddenly 11 weeks

No dreams to report.
Garden looks good.
Pickin' peas
Pickin' peas
Pickin' peas
Some of the beets
are ready
Still need to plant a few herbs
(the legal variety)
and waiting for a few
pepper seedlings
to get a little bigger
before I introduce them
to the slugs
that ate my

Have an unfinished painting
(or two)
staring me down
like it's alive
and screaming, "Give me LIFE!"

I'm content in simply