12 January 2010

Avatar Blues or Avatar Awakening?

Chad sent me this from CNN Entertainment, "Audiences Experience 'Avatar' Blues"

It's all about how some audience members have felt very depressed after seeing Avatar. Some have even contemplated suicide.

But why? Why would a movie that is supposed to be so fantastic cause such grief?

Because the visual effects are so surreal and spectacular that people long to live on the planet Pandora.

Is this what we have become as a culture? So completely shut off that no one goes outside or visits a city, state or national park? What, are people JUST noticing how fucking ugly most of this world is due to the destruction of humans? What, are they suddenly sick of their beautiful strip malls and parking lots?

Yes, it's depressing out there. And those of you know me, know my Earth beliefs. You know how I know that if we are to survive as a human species that we must reconnect with Earth. It is detrimental that we save Her sacred and pristine places that we, humans, not fucking trample on every square inch.

There is a reason that the term "rape" is used when referring to Earth and Her resources. There seems to be a mentality that wants to destroy everything pure...like a sex offender having to penetrate the most scared parts of a person's being.

"Avatar depression" doesn't surprise me. I often feel crappy after taking a look around at the relationship between humans and Nature. For the past few years, I have really trying to keep my eyes open to signs that Nature is returning. I see it in abundance in many places, but I won't talk about what or where because I want it to take over.

What folks are truly feeling is a deep sense of loss and regret that Earth, in her pristine states, is/was like Pandora of the movie. The feelings of sadness are natural, but you know what? Don't go put your head in a hole or get mixed up with some online support group (which exist for Avatar Depression). Get outside, and do something about it! Begin by fighting for our National Parks, Wilderness Areas and Forests...to stop mining and foresting of these national treasures. Go out and picket for more green spaces in your community. Fight mountain top removal. Don't whimper. DO SOMETHING!

And do I care that a movie (ironically a BIG RESOURCE HOG) is having this effect on people?
All I care about is that that the human race wakes up.

More Windows

A few days ago, I told you about a dream involving windows. I insisted that the dream had nothing to do with Windows the operating system.

I may have been wrong.

I unexpectedly received a new computer for Christmas, and before I got a chance to really use it, it blue screened. Now, mind you, my old computer, as worn out as it was with all its little nuances, never blue screened on me. I didn't even know what "blue screen of death" meant till BB was all like, "OH! THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!"

I didn't even have a chance to write anything except snippets on Facebook before the whole thing crashed. I completely forgot that I had a new computer.

Yesterday, my new computer, with the help of Gary the Dell Technician, my computer made a full recovery. And now I remember...it's running Windows 7.

And it is so BRIGHT! It's almost hard to type with this big fancy screen and all these new buttons.

But I think I'll get used to it.