02 February 2009

Epiphanes and the Divine Law of Life

Recently I wrote an essay entitled And the Layoffs Rise. I had no basis or argument to support my thoughts, but then nearly a week later, I read something that further explained and supported my views. I sometimes research topics, especially when I write about gardening. Some of my gardening articles are based on personal experience. Other times, especially when writing about the esoteric or spiritual realm, I express strict opinions. The definition states that opinion is a judgment or conclusion that's held without definitive or positive knowledge. My opinions stem from feelings or a contemplation as in the article mentioned. I may read something, but it triggers thought on something else. Whatever the case, my opinion usually stems arises with no prior knowledge or basis of thought on the subject, but then I find support for my thoughts. It is a complete surprise and relief because many of my opinions are not of the main stream. I usually write about the obscure and hidden. I am on the narrow and less traveled path, which is why I am so amazed when I find another researcher or intuitive opinionist that supports my opinion(s). This happens to me often, which further reiterates that even though I am unaware in my relatively conscious state, my channels are open.

When writing the aforementioned article, I mentioned communism which is a taboo subject in our society and main stream world. I had no prior knowledge of the word's etymology, but felt that by its composition, dealt with community and sharing. I researched the etymology of the word and the definitions but found instead that the path led first to the French word 'commun' which means common. Other definitions lead to what we know as communism being a restrictive government like Russia or China. I didn't quite know how to express what I knew to be true in my intuitive opinion. In my heart, I knew communism meant more about communing. Almost a week later, I read these words from the book Jesus and the Lost Goddess by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy who interpret the words of Epiphanes, who was an Egalitarian Christian Gnostic and son of Gnostic Master Carpocrates:

"He proposes a mystical anarchism which urges us to discover the natural goodness within ourselves and live according to our own essential nature. Being constrained by unnatural man-made laws stops us living in communion with the Divine Laws of Life."

Quoting Epiphanes in his essay entitled On Justice wrote, "When man forgot that community means equality and deformed it by laws, on that day, the thief was born."

How does this relate to And the Layoffs Rise and communism? The Egalitarian Christian Gnostics taught about liberty and equality. They lived in egalitarian communities. Property was held in common. Women and men were equals. As stated in Jesus and the Lost Goddess, "The Stoic school of Pagan Gnosticism developed the idea of the 'Politea of Zues' or 'Commonwealth of God', a community of equals living naturally in harmony with the divine order of things."

I mention these things to dispel the current flow of mainstream thought that Communism is evil. These societies lived in perfect harmony and came to their destruction by those who believed a literal translation of the gospels. They became known as heretics. The Christian Gnostics did not develop a religious hierarchy, but instead lived rejecting any external authority. They addressed each other as brother and sister and cast lots to select leadership roles and other roles in their community. Power was not restricted nor fused to one person or a group of people. Women carried equal positions as men, were clergy, and wrote gospels. This didn't go over well with the Christian Literalists nor, later the Roman Catholic Church.

And the Layoffs Rise makes mention of hierarchy. The world is in economic conundrum because of political hierarchy which has leans towards the religious right and is controlled by a few major corporations that truly run the world. It is this same hierarchy that has no regards for Earth and lessen environmental restrictions for 'the greater of humanity' to keep energy and production of useless items cheap. Yet, these same leniencies on environmental guidelines are causing the destruction of Earth and, thereafter, the human race.

The Gnostics lived in accordance with the divine order of things which I interpret to mean not only with each other but with Earth. Since the industrial revolution, humans have moved farther and farther from its oneness with Earth depending more and more on large scale commercial agriculture and the same big companies for food and goods. Before the industrial revolution, humans, to assure their own basic needs had to produce their own food (or buy/ trade from a local farmer). As folks left the farm to work in the city, and birthed each subsequent generation in these cities, humans moved further and further away from the land and their essential natures.

I believe we can solve all of today's problems by returning to the Earth for answers. I believe an egalitarian world as lived by the Gnostics will solve all of today's problems. The problem and why this won't happen is that humans have been taught that they can not survive without the hierarchy which is essentially greedy. This is the hierarchy that has destroyed others' religious freedoms for their own one god. It seems that all that is unjust stems from organizational hierarchy. I have noticed a direct correlation between lack of respect for Earth and the degradation of woman and other minorities. The great spiritual leader, Amma, has said, "There is also a deep connection between the way men destroy Mother Nature and their attitude towards women."

When a woman takes on the attributes of a man and tries to mimic the actions of men instead of acting of her true womanly essence and nature, she is not creating equality for herself and other women. She is as lost and as distant from her connection to Mother Nature as any man and appears a fool. She is living by the constraints of man-made law.

Anyone who lives in harmony with the natural cycles is living within the Divine Laws of Life as described by Epiphanes. It seems the hierarchy that fights so hard and expends so much energy against this is creating the most disharmonies of all, and frightfully for the world. The hierarchy will not embrace these natural concepts...the true origin of our humanity. Humankind will need to embrace and return to the Divine Law of Life or face their extinction.

And this is my intuitive opinion.