08 January 2010

Inspired by Windows

I don't mean Windows as in computer.

Dreams are tricky and challenging to write about without getting bogged down in detail that bores the reader. Last night I visited a house that often reoccurs in my dreams.

Last night's dream gave me some perspective. The home in the dream is mine (not in this physical world, but in my sleeping state). The home morphs, but essentially, it is the same place. As it continues to resurface, I am able to explore it more.

In the past, I spent a lot of time on the main level, and rarely went to the second floor. When I did venture to the second floor, it scared me and I felt a haunting presence. In dream interpretation, the second floor (in this case the attic) often symbolizes the mind, spirituality and higher self. That I felt a haunting presence may have symbolized that I held repressed feelings, but last night, the dream was different.

It felt that Chad and I had sold the home, but I still felt ownership. I ventured upstairs with the new folks, a young woman and man (my guides?). It was very sunny and beautiful. The stairs opened to a large landing and open space where they had their bed prettily made with a floral bedspread. Off the landing, were several bedrooms and one bathroom.

I asked them why they chose the landing thinking that we had not considered the upstairs because their was only one bathroom which the three of us would have to share (Chad, Blue and I). Chad and I slept on the main level because the "master suite" was downstairs. I explained to them that the prior folks had also chosen to live upstairs. (Chad and I lived in the house, then another set of people lived in the house, then we moved back to the house, and now these two people lived in the house...told you it has been reoccurring.)

The couple smiled and retorted happily, "We like the windows up here. It's so sunny." I looked around and saw, for the first time, that indeed, there were many natural wooden, historic and pristine windows with light flooding the space. I felt a deep sense of regret that I had not noticed this before and that we had not chosen to live in the attic.

But knowing that this home reoccurs in my sleep state, I'm sure the story will continue and be a more happy undaunted one. I just hope that we really didn't sell it.