17 April 2010

Flower Reflections

In my field of specialty, the financial payout equals nothing. Seldom, there is any recognition for good deeds or experience. More often then not, I watch others advance even though I know that I have more expertise and wisdom. Sometimes I ask, "Lord, when will my day come?"

As I look out over the garden and admire the spring flowers, I notice the clumps of bulbs gathered in big groups creating a dramatic backdrop of color. Other flowers amass on a single plant extending the beauty of the entire bush. A thought comes to me, and I am humbled by nature's lesson.

How often do I walk up to each flower and give recognition to each individual bloom? Mostly, I look at the flowers as a whole and admire the entire grouping, "Oh, look at the daffodils. Aren't they amazing! The tulips are gorgeous this year. Yay! The columbine is in bloom. I love columbine. It's so pretty." I feel a great sense of peace and happiness as the plants give their energy and light.

Aquilegia formosa (aka columbine)

I guess we humans are like the flowers in the eyes of the Divine who loves all the flowers (us). Like the garden flowers, we may not be recognized individually or stand out prominently in this world. But as a group, we are stronger and more vibrant as we perform good deeds from the heart giving light to all around us. Sometimes, we may stand alone, but like the lone flower, which is still beautiful and loved, it's not as likely to attract attention from as the large grouping does. Together, we make a beautiful show and shine in the eyes of the Divine.

Yes, we may begin as one lone flower with a thought or idea, and like the flower that must survive the odds to multiply by spreading seed (or rhizomes), so must the individual. If the plant successfully multiplies, in years to come, a spectacular mass may grow where only one stood. As in nature, nothing happens overnight, but in time, a strong support system may be established.

Hellebores orientalis (aka Lenten Rose)

And, since I am here to do God's will as I try to shed this human ego, that'll be fine by me.