15 April 2009

The Thinks I Think?

IN the course of my life, like the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, The Thinks You Can Think", I wonder many thinks.

I have been thinking recently about Christianity wondering all the questions who and what and why and where and how. I view modern day Christianity and wonder, "Is this really what Jesus had in mind?"

I have been thinking about the Original Christians and what they may have really been like. I have read the New Testament which has only four gospels that don't even coincide. Since the New Testament was written 400 years after Christ walked this planet, I imagine much was lost. Tracing back to 200 CE, there was much conflict within the different schools of thought. I read and all I keep thinking is, "I want to go deeper."

In my search, I found an interesting article entitled, "Unchristian! Have we Become So Heaven Bound That We’ve Become No Earthly Good?". The author, Coach Byron, believes that we are at a crossroads in time. I happen to agree.

I believe the crossroad is either for Christianity to continue on its current misguided course or to return to its true basic roots and this means letting go of fundamental belief and literal translations.

If Christianity has become misguided, what are the true basic roots? What are the true basic roots of humanity?

In asking questions, I google many interesting word combinations with the most recent being "agriculture religion". This search led me to the fantastic article, "Hunter-Gatherers, Farmers, Gods and Human Sacrifice". It is one of the best reads that I have had in a long time. It puts a fantastic mood on how humans, agriculture and religion evolved.

I have no place to go with this right now, but that's not really surprising for me as I continue, like a child, to think the thinks I think.

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