06 March 2009

Indulgence and Folly

One of my favorite bloggers is someone named RAGS at The Rags Show. He is a homeless person in New York. It's not that his writing style is the best, though talented enough. It's not that he is super funny, though I do like his sharp wit. He has some decent, if not at times, unusual ideas. One thing he does, though, is write. He writes if not everyday, almost everyday. He may write twice a day. RAGS' view is to the point, blunt and honest. He is intelligent and well read.

I read his latest blog entry today after posting Good Daemon, Good Daemon. I like writing about such things, but after reading RAGS, I felt the true indulgence of my life as I sit at the laptop in my cozy little home financially supported by a loving husband.


I like RAGS. Check him out, but don't tell him that I sent you. I'm afraid of him...of what he would say to me...that maybe I'm lacking substance. Of course, he might feel surprised that someone actually follows him...Lord knows I was surprised and honored when I saw that a few folks are reading me.

One day, when I can help him (if he wants it), I'm going to meet RAGS.

Good Daemon, Good Daemon

Falsehoods can become truth. Fact, reality, legitimacy, whatever you want to call it, can be manipulated through visual and auditory means. Manipulation occurs to sway opinion or thought to hide the truth or sway people away from truths that may actually be empowering. Yes, manipulation occurs to disempower, to gain control. Exploiting the truth to gain power and control…that must be what happened to the daemons.

Daemons are supernatural, good, benevolent beings that operate between mortals and God. I consider them the messengers, protectors and guides. The term can also refer to animals, totems, angels, and nature spirits. They are links to the ultimate Divine and here with us at all times. Carl Jung stated that daemons "express a determining power which comes upon man from outside, like providence or fate, though the ethical decision is left to man." For Plato and Socrates, the daemon was not a determining power, but rather a divine guardian and guiding power.

Somewhere along the way, though, the term daemon turned ugly for the general populace. The term seems to have been Latinized and morphed or manipulated and is now known more commonly by the Judeo-Christian exploitative term demon. I don't have to go into what a demon is. Plenty of scary books and movies have filled our minds full of the dirty deeds of demons.

Why the switch from good daemon to bad demon? My guess is power and control. It took the power from the individual to know God, or Divine Wisdom, from within and gave the control to a select few. We have been taught that only a select few have the power of God and that only a select few have access to the Divine Wisdom and that we must rely on that select few to have access to God. But that is not true.

God is within you. The Divine Wisdom is within you. That's it. It's that simple. And knowing that gives you all the happiness, truth, energy, love…you don't need to look at an outside person to tell you where God is.

And, there is no point in attaching blame to anyone, anything, any religion or even the practice of psychology for the exploitation. Blaming doesn't change a thing. It is a distraction that keeps you from your soul's purpose.

I keep having visions of The Golden Compass…again, a movie that I have seen and a book that I begin reading today…I keep seeing the scene in the movie where the child is being separated from his daemon, which is represented as an animal. I keep seeing the child and his daemon imprisoned with only the cage type wall separating them. They are right next to each other, watching each other, screaming and crying as the laser severs the magical bond between them. The child is left lost, confused, lifeless and without will.

In reality, there is no machine that physically separates us from our divine source and our guides, but many on this planet suffer. It is power, control, greed, jealousy and anger of others (and yourself) that attempt to mentally sever you from God and your guides.

The fabric may be torn but is still intact.

The great news is that we all have equal access to God, to the Divine Source, Inspiration and Guidance. You have a guide who has been with you every step of the way and only wants to help you on your life plan and with your soul's purpose. You only have to open to believe, and continue to believe. Your guide is here, now, to help you. Your guide is like candlelight in a dark room. Once you recognize the light, it grows only brighter.

I can imagine that when people heard voices or saw visions that they were categorized as crazy or possessed by demons instead of being seen as gifted or having communion with their Divine Guardians. Daemons are not demons.

What we do now is recognize and honor the truth. Ask your guide for assistance and direction. It only takes a small shift in perception. Like a trickle of pure water caught behind a dam of muck. The crack already exists, let it open wider.

P.S. If you hear voices that tell you to hurt others in any way, that is NOT your daemon or guide. If you are hearing voices that instruct you to hurt, you need to ask for help. If you think that no one will listen, start by shouting to God. Yell, "God, I need help." Then say, "God, I need help. We are One. I need help." Then say mentally all the time, "God, we are One. We are One." Ask your true guides to help you on this life's journey, to help you with good, to show your soul's purpose, which is good.