01 June 2009

The Agrarian Urbanite

I am embarking on a new adventure called The Agrarian Urbanite. It's a newsletter type publication that I plan to publish once a month. By the title, you can probably figure out the core of the 'zine. And if you can't, it's about gardening...regenerative agriculture type articles.

I am super happy for myself. I'm going to figure out how to post it online as well to save on paper costs. Right now, I am focused on Volume 1 Issue 1 which I plant (no pun, just a misprint)...plan to finish by this Saturday so I can have it ready for the Beardsley Farm Festival. I think that will be an excellent debut arena. I may even get a few donations to help cover printing costs.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing what you publish when it comes out. Go for it!