12 January 2010

More Windows

A few days ago, I told you about a dream involving windows. I insisted that the dream had nothing to do with Windows the operating system.

I may have been wrong.

I unexpectedly received a new computer for Christmas, and before I got a chance to really use it, it blue screened. Now, mind you, my old computer, as worn out as it was with all its little nuances, never blue screened on me. I didn't even know what "blue screen of death" meant till BB was all like, "OH! THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!"

I didn't even have a chance to write anything except snippets on Facebook before the whole thing crashed. I completely forgot that I had a new computer.

Yesterday, my new computer, with the help of Gary the Dell Technician, my computer made a full recovery. And now I remember...it's running Windows 7.

And it is so BRIGHT! It's almost hard to type with this big fancy screen and all these new buttons.

But I think I'll get used to it.

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