05 November 2009

Words Caught In My Throat

Do you ever have those dreams where you confront someone and the words seem to catch in your throat? That's what happened to me last night.

I awoke from yet another epic dream filled with so much activity that it wouldn't make much sense to you. For your benefit, I will make it brief...

My parents, family and I are at a Christian Rally. I feel disgusted by their Jesus brainwashing and using God as a fear mechanism.

Eventually, I am standing next to man who is being very nice to me thinking that I am on his wavelength when I speak out and say, "Save it. I'm not a Christian."

His face went purple with anger as he began to yell at me. I said to him, "Is this how Jesus would react? Jesus taught to many even those considered heathens." He became even angrier and became more belligerent telling me that I was going to hell.

My voice became stuck in my throat though I had so much to say to him. Somehow I was able to express what was in my heart. The gist wasn't about his Christianity versus my beliefs, but how I accepted him and his beliefs, though not my own, and that he has a right to practice those beliefs just as I have a right to practice mine. He felt and exhibited scorn and rage towards me for not being of his beliefs. I said that I thought it interesting that he, the Christian, who should be loving, sharing and open was only this way with people who shared his same beliefs and that anyone else was going to hell. I also told him that I wasn't interested in pushing my beliefs on anyone and that we all have a right to the Divine Power no matter how we practice. I finished by saying that it seemed my views were more Christian-like than his because Jesus didn't scorn people for being different, and that He embraced us all.

I wasn't afraid. I had huge amounts of emotion that felt completely bottled up inside me, and it was hard to get it all out, which I did mostly in my brain and telepathically.

In just a few days of each other, I have had two dreams that have both dealt with my standing strong to "authority"...the first was a staunch Limbaugh-spewing type person and the second represented the church. Interesting.

On another note/dream...I had a dream that someone who I loved and admired, who is now deceased, was a secret fascist and even had a photo taken with Mussolini. This was complete news to me! I found it very hard to believe that this person, of all people, a little old grandmother type, had a secret life. My father and the woman's mother became very angry at me for even bringing her memory up (but I didn't know!).

The interesting part...these same people that were raking the deceased over the coals for being with Mussolini were also firm George W. Bush supporters, who to me, was the epitome of a fascist.

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  1. to paraphrase the great M.G.
    i love your christ, so unlike your christians.