25 October 2009

Elfin Dreams

From Dream Moods: "To see an elf in your dream refers to some imbalance and disharmony in your life. The elf often serves as a guide of the soul. Alternatively, it suggests that you need to be more carefree, worry-free, and light-hearted."

That's the truth.

Last night, I dreamed of two elves...a male and a female. Both were injured and couldn’t walk. Hundreds of people, including us were attending a seminar at a place that boasted regenerative techniques, but we knew better having been evicted from the place years before. Chad, Blue and I had previously lived at this place which was sort of an intentional community. I walked into the house one day to find all my stuff gone. When I asked Chad, he didn’t give me a reason to our eviction except that it was something between the head lady and me. I sensed tension from her while living there, but never found out what I did “wrong” to get our family evicted and made homeless.

So now, Chad and I are back. I recognize the two elfin friends. She reveals to me that she and her spouse can’t walk. I tell her that we will carry them. The way to enter the seminar is through the house we used to live in and out the backdoor, but it’s a ten foot drop with no stairs. The woman in charge is pushing people out the back door one at a time. I jump out, than realize that my elfin friend will be greatly injured. I catch my elfin friend as the women shoved her a little too hard from the house.

We walk down to the area where the ‘leader’ is giving a talk. He tells us to focus on the light and tell what we see. The elves don’t listen to him and focus on the earth, specifically a two creeks that merge. The man ‘leader’ is responsible for some bad development and has steered the ‘foundations’ mission away from the original intent which was Earth restoration. The elves had been involved years ago with the restoration of the creek…a vital thing for their survival.

In the dream, the creek ran clear. New plant life grew. Regeneration was happening.

Once the man saw what the elves were trying to bring attention to the water, he disbanded the seminar sending people off with group leaders to other areas like young students leaving an assembly at school. It began to rain, and we were outdoors. I carried my female elfin friend to shelter when we realized that her male counterpart was missing. We knew that he was back in the marsh area unable to walk.

He was lured into the marsh by a group of boys. They didn’t know that he couldn’t walk long distances when they quickly fled as the rain started. As I held my female elfin friend, interviewing the boys, one asked. “Is that an…?” I replied, “Yes, and elf. And he’s an elf. We must go get him.”

Their teacher lets me choose one male pupil. From the eager volunteers, I pick a boy with red hair.

I wake up.

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  1. oh me! what a stressful dream! i dunnow, but i think you heart your elf, even if she does stand for disharmony... you protected her.