11 July 2009

Kansas City

We arrived in Kansas City, actually Olathe, on Thursday, July 9th after a thirteen hour road trip through six states; Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. The only hang ups were road construction and a milk truck that WOULD NOT break the speed limit on a single track during a construction zone.

After arriving, I quickly drank two beers in about ten minutes then nursed a third while winding down.

On Friday, my sister-in-law took me to chop off some more of my hair and then we went shopping. I was sad to learn that Olathe Boot no longer has a store, so I'm not getting boots this trip! I have learned that Olathe Boot still makes boots, but I have to find a store that carries 'em.

Friday night we went to Chad's childhood friend's wife's 40th birthday bash. She themed it "College Party Days" and we listened to eighties tunes and played drinking games. No kids were allowed, so we parents were truly allowed to relax and "party" down! We stayed out till 3 am central time (this is a big deal for a couple of folks from the eastern time zone!) Much of this lateness occurred because Chad and his childhood friend, Brad, got a wild hair up their butts at 1 a.m. to bike several miles and wake up their high school friend, Todd (and his entire family!). Todd and Chad hadn't seen each other in ten years. So, apparently they all sat together and had a beer before brad and Chad biked the several miles home. The party was completely over and Liz and I had cleaned up the kitchen.

We drove back to Chad's brother's home watching the most amazing lighting streak the sky. Just as we entered the house, the sky opened. I stormed hard, and I thought we were going to have to hit the basement! But I fell asleep no problem.

After waking up late, we hung out at the house and neighborhood pool. We are now getting ready to have dinner with our sister-in-laws parents. So I need to stop being rude by blogging while were all trying to chat!

Stay tuned. We leave for Lincoln, Nebraska on Monday then on to Chadron to meet with Running Strong representative, Tom Cook.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. awww- you guys are having an excellent time! yay!