30 June 2009

Prostitution...Wha Wha What?

About a month ago, I was interviewed by JJ Stambaugh from the Knoxville Sentinel about my views of prostitution. He was referred to me by city councilman, Rob Frost.

About a year ago, I wrote a series of letters to our local weekly, The Metro Pulse, to comment about an article on restoration in the center city of Knoxville. The original article had a business owner complaining about the prostitutes who parade in front of his business. The business owners reaction was to arrest them all and throw away the key.

I felt miffed by his ignorant statement. At the time, I had finished a series of prostitution research for a neighborhood task force that we enacted to find solutions to the problem in our neighborhood. After a month or two of research, I realized the solutions, so I wrote my response which was a very long and breathy letter.

Someone from Asheville, NC retorted me and stooped to name calling by labeling me a "short sighted prude." So I wrote a second letter. This is probably how Rob Frost came to know that I am very vocal on the subject of prostitution.

I had a very nice interview with JJ Stambaugh, and his three series article had been quite informative, educational and well-written until today's paper came out and he completely misquoted and misrepresented the neighborhood in which we live.

You can read today's article here:

Prostitution a nuisance to businesses, neighborhoods

I have written a comment at the end of the article on the News Sentinel website. I encourage you to jump in and tell Mr. JJ and the News Sentinel that the Parkridge neighborhood was GROSELY misrepresented.

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  1. theres a parade... A PARADE OF SILLY BICYCLISTS out there. you think they'll sex me up too?