11 May 2009

An Epic Night of Dreaming

This is written out as a conscious stream...

Dreamt all night
last night
and when I woke
in the darkness of night
I closed my eyes
and returned
to those dreams
like an epic...
I dreamt of pirates.
Bad pirates & good pirates.
Bad pirates out to get Blue and I
We escape
I find an ally in a
big burly dark yet red faced man
who, at first, is doubtful
and hesitant to assist
but I convince him.
I know that he is the best.
We begin to subtly recruit for
our "army".
Many show for the first meeting
the room fills
as the meeting begins
part of the group shifts
their faces become like
clown faces painted white, black and red
they are spies from the other side
a fight ensues and
we immediately know
who fights with us.
With no plan it's hard
to continue fighting
we retreat, intact.
We are on a ship.
I am on the bow with the
Captain- my burly pirate ally friend
and a woman who is of dark skin
with dark hair. She is dressed in white
in a Star Wars Bohemian type of style.
She is stunningly beautiful.
She is also assisting in leading and strategy
and has brought a group of her own.
She is wise, kind, intelligent and dignified.
The wind blows us on the bow
as the ship sails quickly over the open sea.
Stars shine and it is
black all around us
the sky & the water
I say above the wind to the Captain, "I'm scared."
(I felt alarm after the attack at the meeting. I sensed the danger we had to overcome.)
The Captain gives a chuckle and replies,"It's about time that you felt the danger."
I go to him and put my arms
around him. I say,"I'm afraid (of what's to come). I love you."
He has his arms around me in a protective way.
I turn to the woman and
embrace her. I tell her
that I love her, too.
Tears are running down my face.
I'm in a dingy headed
across the ocean. There
are two or three others in the
dingy. We speed across
the open ocean.
Our "army" is on the move.
We have a plan. Everyone has a role.
We are not big, but we are clever.
We are ready to die if necessary.
In front of us is a big
white barge type boat closed on three sides with thick steel walls.
The fourth side and back is open towards us.
I can see the cargo.
An all-white semi tractor truck
in on the barge/boat.
Everything related to and
on the barge is white. It is a stark contrast
to the dark open sea.
We are all moving at a very fast pace. It's a bumpy ride in the open ocean.
Blue is safe inside the trailer
of the semi truck.
We follow close behind.
As we near our destination
and begin to move in our very
practiced and planned sequences,
I jump onto the barge and open the trailor.
As I do this, doors on the shore open
and the bad pirates attack (how did they know?).
As practiced and planned, I put Blue in the dingy.
He complains that he wants his toys.
I pick up a Star Wars
action figure (Han Solo?)
and put it in my jeans pocket.
I yell down at him above the noise that he must go.
I have no fear.
I look around.
There is chaos and fighting everywhere.
I go into the trailer to see what I can grab.
In the trailer is a bed and dresser. Toys are scattered, no doubt from the bumpy journey.
I try to pick some things up.
Blue is in the dingy
and they are moving him to shore.
He is supposed to go into one of the doors that the bad pirates came out of.
If all had gone as planned, this would have been a simple move.
I am concerned that with the ambush
that Blue won't make it to his destination on shore.
If I jump now, I can
swim to the dingy.
There is chaos all around and
I hope that everyone sticks to the plan.
I wake up.

As I lie in bed
in the dark room
the birds sing
loudly. Their songs
come in through the open window.
I don't know what time it is
but it is pitch dark outside.
I remember from a Rikki Hall column in
The Hellbender Press
that this time of year,
the Robins sing at 3 or 4 a.m.
I'm not sleepy
but I guess I return to sleep
because I'm dreaming again...

We arrive in a new place
by water and boats
this is a friendly place
city-like, bustling
we know that we can be safe here.
It is not of this time (it seems back in time, yet of this time)
There are wooden barrels on the wooden piers
The buildings seems wooden, stone or clay-like
the colors of the atmosphere/time is terra cotta-like,
browns and reddish browns.
We are all going to live here.
There is no sadness or fear.
The feeling is knowing.
I go to work in an inn as a waitress/room service/maid type person.
I sense that some time has past.
I am not unhappy. I feel alert and aware. I am busy at the inn.
I am at a diner type counter at the inn.
I can see into the kitchen.
My mind suddenly remembers as I see a
woman at the counter that I recognize as an ally.
I'm trying to jog the person's
memory without outright talking
about our past alliance.
I realize that it is time for
us all to come back together.
I know that no one is far, but where?
I sense an enemy in the kitchen
on the other side of the counter.
I realize that we need to be
super sly. It's time to motivate.

I wake up.
It's still dark.
Blue calls out, "DAD!"
I'm awake, but I don't move.
Chad jumps up and goes to
Blue's room. (I listen for dialogue, but hear none.)
Chad quickly returns and is quickly back
to sleep.
I guess that I fall back asleep, too
because I am in the dream...

Modern day.
I'm leaving my home and
I set the alarm.
I can't let them see me leave the
I'm going to a meeting of allies
there's a car in the street with
two men watching the house
I get out of the house and crawl away
on my hands and knees
so they don't see me.
(Ditto the sequence)
It's another day in the dream
Again, I go to leave the house (same mission)
I set the alarm
I open the door
and I see the car
I think that I can crawl off
again, but next door neighbors are
arriving home
I don't want them to see me either.
I cancel the alarm because
my 80 seconds to leave the
house are about up and
I don't want the alarm to go off.
The dog is in my way and I'm
afraid that I won't get the code
in on time.
I punch the wrong code. I hit cancel
then the right code.
The alarm doesn't go off.
I think to myself that I'm
going to have to exit through a window.


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  1. wow- it trips me out when i get stuck in a continuous dream... when i fall back to sleep and its still there... and of course, only in your dream are you escaping violence but han solo is a necessary accoutrement!