03 April 2009

Got Hope?

I saw a bumper sticker today, a remnant from President Obama's 2008 campaign. It read, "Got Hope?"

With a gray sky above and a chill in the air, I sat at the red light watching cars whiz past and, not thinking of Obama's campaign, sincerely asked myself, "Got Hope?"

I have a gracious life, but do I have hope? It's getting harder and harder for me to keep hope. Let me tell you what I do have.

I have a sincere disgust for all the greed in this world. I have a sincere hatred for people's obsession with money. I have a deep desire to punch some people in their greedy ugly mugs. Do I have hope? I'm losing it real fast, but if I do, then those evil ugly mother fuckers win.

I have had the same dream or goal for the past 15 years of my life. I have held on to this dream with every shred of faith, hope and strength. I thik about it every day of my life. I envision it. I develop it. I work it through my mind like dental floss through my teeth. I keep it fresh. I keep it clear. I know what I want.

And I am sick of greedy stupid assholes who need no more, but are able to keep others from what they need.

The assholes do so well on this planet. The immoral just keep plugging away. I stick to my values and try to walk the right path, but it's getting harder and harder. I think, "If I acted like a greedy grubby asshole, I could have that dream." And I know that's not the solution.

So why stay on the straight and narrow? I can only hope for Karma. I can only hope that when this life is over, that I receive a long deserved rest in paradise and those other fuckers have to cycle right back down to Earth till they learn to be kind, honest and not so fucking greedy.

I don't mind paying for things, but I am sick of exorbitant price gauging. Sometimes I wish there was a hell so people could go rot in it.

So do I have hope, today? Yes, but probably the wrong kind...like the kind that hopes big stupid greedy jerks fall down and break a leg.

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