09 March 2009

I hate Daylight Savings

So there. I've been in hate with daylight savings for at least 10 years since we lived in Arizona where those Einstein's don't observe daylight savings time.

I'm not going to rehash the history, but Standard Time has it all spelled out.

There is also a facebook page Stop Daylight Savings!!!...I don't know if that'll link if you're not a Facebook member...

Daylight savings is retarded. It fucks up scheduling, which is something you may not appreciate till you have kids and they have to go to bed and get up for school.

People say, "Oh, but it's light so late..."

and I say, "Yeah, and now it's fucking black fucking morning when I have to get myself and kid up for school..."

Then they say, "Oh, but the day is so long."

and I say, "You ignorantard, the day is the same length in time, 24 hours, except now an hour of it has vanished. Imagine getting up WITH the sun. You may go to bed a little earlier if you do. Oh, but them, you might miss some TV shows that you like (said sarcastically)."

Then they say,"Oh, but it helps us save energy."

and I say, "Fucking how? The only thing that saves energy is turning off your fucking lights and going to bed when it's dark. Also stop driving your fucking car so much...ride a bike or take public transit. Stop supporting industrialized agriculture which sucks up huge quantities our nations energy. Learn how to cook and stop buying industrialized foods. Learn where energy comes from...heard of the TVA sludge spill in TN? Read from people who experienced it. I guarantee that if you get up with the sun, stay on schedule and simplify your life, you'll save energy whether on daylight savings time or not."

(Notice that I do all the cussing? I have been so sweet and demure on my posts, but this is the true other side of me...fighting, hissing, cussing, fighting...)

It's time to stop daylight savings and take back control of our lives.


  1. Rage On, Sister! My wife especially appreciated this one - she hates it too. Me, I can take it or leave it. As someone who has to get up and leave the homestead five days a week at or just before daybreak, the extra evening time is very useful to my agenda.

    Leave it one way or the other and I'll eventually adapt. My favorite compromise is to shift standard time forward or DST back by thirty minutes and then leave it there permanently. Seriously - two weeks later, nobody will gave a shit and everyone will be happy again. Maybe.

    BTW, I really envy you being able to let fly whatever linguistic form your rage inspires. I speak, most of the time, the way your post today reads (I can make sailors and whores blush without any extra effort) - but when I sit down to compose written thoughts I clean it all up - kinda strange, huh?

    Probably because I know my mom reads my blog.

  2. agreed, kudos, and HALELUJAH!

  3. I talk like that in front of my mom. Even at my age, she scolds me.

    Best advice I ever heard was that you must write like everyone you know is dead. A little morbid, but it sure frees the muse.