23 February 2009

Seed Swap Meeting

Today, (February 22, 2009), at the Birdhouse in Knoxville a big group of folks came together to talk about what gardeners love to talk about this time of year...Seeds! The meeting started with a healthy 14 or so around the table, but soon grew to a group of about 25.

Topics of discussion included, but not limited to, seed saving, heirloom seeds, hugelkultur and probably lots of other stuff. Of course, I didn't take notes, but anyone is encouraged add what they learned and what I forgot in the comment section.

Then the funnest part of all, we swapped and shared seeds.

I have started a group Seed Sharing and Swapping for anyone who would like to continue today's dialog. You can also use the group if you have seeds to share/swap or if you are looking for seeds.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and especially to Shelagh for putting the event together and Katie for opening the Birdhouse for us to use. Katie, I hope you post the photos you took!

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