19 February 2009

Hair and the Moon Cycles

There are times when we get the itch to go crazy on our hair. I can't recall how long ago I heard that if one wants long hair, cut on the full moon. For a very long time, I scheduled my hair appointments on the full moon with varying results. This hypothesis of cutting only on the full moon has some validation. If the itch to lob off those locks becomes irresistible, waiting for the full moon creates patience, and maybe the urge has time to pass leaving your lengthening hair in tact.

Being the curious creature that I am, I went on a hunt for further validation to this myth. I found several websites, but this one, Long Hair Lovers Moon Maintenance, is my favorite.

Towards the bottom, is a list of moon cycles in each zodiac. The moon spends about 2 1/2 days each month in each zodiac. This list describes what happens if you cut, perm, color or whatever in each cycle. It even has nutrition education to assist in growing healthy hair.

The Farmer's Almanac keeps up with the moon cycle. It updates itself so you (and I) can keep a watchful eye on the skies.

It may seem a bit daunting, but soon, I believe that you won't need to go back and reference everything at Long Hair Lovers. You will somewhat memorize their list and only have to reference the chart. First, read the list on Long Hair Lovers. Second, decide what you want for yourself. For example, I want to grow waist long hair. My hair is naturally thick. From reading, I know that I should cut my hair when the moon is moving from the new moon into the full moon and at the same time moving through Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. So now, I just watch the Farmer's Almanac.

By looking at today's calendar, the moon is currently in Sagittarius and waning. The new moon begins on February 24, 2009 and waxes until March 10th. My rough calculations tell me that the moon will be moving through Pisces around the 25th and 26th which seems to be a good time to cut. I'll be sure to watch the moon phase though. If I miss and go to early, Aquarius would be a very poor time for me to cut, but a great time for anyone who wants a new trendy individualistic style or color. If I am late, Aries is not a good time to cut for those trying to grow long hair, but again, a great time for those who want short sporty styles or a bob.

Through Long Hair Lovers and the Farmer's Almanac, you can devise a hair care plan to grow or create the type of hair that you would like. If you are having trouble figuring it all out, contact me and I'll do my best to help you, but I'm no pro. I'm just figuring this out for myself, too. The biggest challenge is getting the moon phase right on those 2 and a half days. But if you (or I) screw up, the good news is that it won't be long before the moon moves through the right phases again to fix it up.

Yes, this is quite different from my usual serious writings, but I like to have fun, too. And really, with some math involved, it helps keep the plaque of the brain!

Have fun and, as always, thanks for reading.

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