23 January 2009

More Blue Observations...

This past Saturday, Blue and I were driving out Governor John Sevier Highway towards his soccer game. We passed a home that had a garden that was probably bigger then my yard. It looked as if it hadn't been planted this past year because the grass was coming in, but the neat clean lines of the tractor were still visibly clear. I pointed it out to Blue.

He said, "You shouldn't do that thing. You know when the stuff comes out of the soil and makes it so it doesn't snow?"

He really stumped me. I didn't know where he was going with this one. I turned off the radio, like I always do when it's time to have a real discussion. I asked him,"Stuff in the soil?"

He said, "Yeah. You know. When you turn the soil and there's stuff, oh, what is it called? It makes it so it doesn't snow!"

And it dawned on me that my 5 year old son was talking about the carbon in the soil. He was letting me know that one shouldn't till the soil because it releases carbon, which warms the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

He let me know that we shouldn't even turn the soil with a shovel because that also releases the carbon into the atmosphere.

My kid is so rockin' cool!!!

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