26 January 2009

Chinese Year of the Ox

Hmm. How interesting. I have been making odd connections recently in regards to our new President. You may have read some of them. Another recent discovery revolves around the Chinese New Year. Today marks the beginning of the year of the OX.

If you are not familiar with the Chinese zodiac, there are plenty of web pages to explore this element of the Chinese culture, but here is a quick briefing:

The Chinese zodiac is comprised of twelve different animals which correspond with a twelve year cycle. The calendar is a combination of the Gregorian and the Lunar-Solar calendars. The beginning of a new cycle revolves around the first new moon of a Gregorian calendar year, which means a new Chinese calendar year can begin anytime between late January and mid February. Today, January 26, 2009 marks the first new moon and, therefore, the start of the Chinese New Year.

As mentions, each year corresponds with an animal and exhibits certain traits. Beyond that, certain elements (metal, water, wood, fire or earth) are also assigned to an animal, which is also determined by the year. This is the year of the Earth Ox.

Our new President is an OX, and more specifically Metal Ox. The description of the Metal Ox (taken from Chinese Zodiac) reads:

"Like metal, these Oxen are amazingly strong. They’re extremely hard-working individuals who will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals. They’re trustworthy, dependable individuals who are not likely to show emotion. They have difficulty interpreting the feelings of others."

It differs from the Earth Ox which reads:

"Earth Oxen are successful individuals, probably because they are diligent rather than impulsive. A more modest approach combined with their reliability and sincerity makes them more likeable."

Some common traits of the Ox can be found at the aforementioned website and can be applied to any living Ox or anyone born as of today through February 14, 2010.
If you would like to learn more about your Chinese zodiac:

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

Happy New Year.

As always, thanks for reading.

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